“Magic Rocks Theater” is now “Biba Magic Theater”

Dear Fellow Lovers of Magic,

This is your old friend Nabil. On April 1, 2019, celebrated the 8-year anniversary of Magic Rocks Theater at The Westin Resort Guam. Thank you to everyone who has supported the show!

We have always worked to improve the show over time, and relied on strong word-of-mouth advertising (thank you for that)! Now we are going to be putting ourselves out there online more, in order to help more people find us.

This starts with the brand itself. Magic Rocks Theater was a super-interactive show in an intimate 37-seat venue. It’s a celebration of magic! We came up with “Magic Rocks!” as a celebratory affirmation, a chant if you will. For example: “this show rocks!” The Chamorro language has a more perfect word for this feeling- “Biba!” (from the Spanish “Viva!” like “Viva Las Vegas!”)

So to better describe the spirit of the show and give some appreciation for our beautiful island of Guam, we have rebranded as “Biba Magic!” and the theater name is now “Biba Magic Theater.” Hope to see you there!

Best Magical Wishes!


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